The badgetec® self-assembly system for professional name badges

So you want to design your own professional name badges that your customers will love?
Then come to badgetec®, your expert partner. badgetec® supplies individual components for making professional and complex name badge systems which can be easily combined to form a complete system. The components can also be mixed and matched with your own products or with components from non-badgetec systems.

3 steps to a complete name badge

A name badge consists of a badge holder, a fastening solution and either a front panel and/or transparent panel.

The benefits of the badgetec® name badge system at a glance:

  • badgetec® components come in a variety of different colors and materials. Not only can they be combined with one another, but they can also mixed and matched with a whole range of components from other manufacturers.
  • Pure badgetec® system: make your name badges using only badgetec's perfectly tailored components. You can print and engrave the fronts and the printing sheets.
  • badgetec® system + own parts: make your name badges using the badgetec® system and combine with your own products. For example: instead of using a badgetec® front panel, make a matching engraved nameplate.
  • badgetec® components + non-badgetec® system: use individual badgetec® components such as the patented magnetic fastener in conjunction with your existing name badge system.

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